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Fabric : 100% Cotton Curtains
GSM : 200 – 220
Size : 4 feet * 7 Feet

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Cotton door curtains intro:
Fabric : 100% Cotton Curtains
GSM : 200 – 220
Size : 4 feet * 7 Feet
Discover our premium 100% Cotton Curtains, offering unbeatable comfort and style for your space. Crafted with care, our curtains boast quality, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Key Features:
Excellent Insulation: Keep your home cozy with natural insulation.
Beginner-Friendly: Easy to cut and sew for DIY projects.
Moth and Pill Resistance: Enjoy long-lasting durability.
Eco-Friendly: Sustainably sourced for a conscious choice.
Affordable Luxury: Experience cotton’s luxury at an affordable price.
Perfect Size & Width: 4ft x 7ft, ideal for long doors.
Versatile Drapery Options: Ornamental folds for windows or doorways.
Comfort and Durability: Softness and shape retention for long-lasting use.
Transform your space with luxurious comfort and timeless elegance. Shop our 100% Cotton Curtains now!


CHARACTERSTICS: It is an excellent insulator, so ideal for helping to keep out the cold air from windows and doors. 2. It is the perfect choice for novice sewers as it is easy to cut and sew. 3. It resists moths and pilling (bobbles forming from wear). 4. It is eco-friendly. 5. It is usually a cheaper alternative to other natural fabrics
Perfect Size & Generous Width : Our Curtains Width is 4 Feet ( 48 Inches ). And Length is 7 Feet ( 84 inches ) its suitable for Long Doors
Curtains, usually of a heavy material, arranged to fall straight in ornamental folds are also called draperies. Portieres are heavy curtains hung in a doorway
it can be used to last a long time and not fall apart on the first use. Cotton is not only incredibly soft, but it is also surprisingly durable. You can stay warm and comfortable if you choose 100% cotton. Cotton also retains its shape very well. We provide curtains for Door Curtains, Cotton Door Curtains, cotton curtains for windows, cotton curtains for doors, cotton curtains for living room, luxury curtains, cotton curtains.


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